Foreman Scotty


Foreman Scotty…. Bigger then life at the time. 1956-1971 on TV in Oklahoma City Ok. A hero to many and still is. Probably the most loved and endued celebrity the great state will ever remember. Ask around! If you were from here it’s common sense. If you weren’t, you missed something special. Steve Powell better known as Foreman Scotty, was the creator of the number one hit children Tv show for 17 years. He wrote, produced and stared in the hit children’s show, every weekday at 4:30 pm. A live TV audience made up of ┬ákids and parents… All wondering what Scotty and his cohorts were going to do next! Danny Williams played the part of the┬ámischievous old man, Xaver T Willard. Cannon Ball McCowy was Played by Willsin Hurst. Other guest personalities included Jhonny Fergason better known locally as Count Greggor. These guys had a real passion for what they did. They were also ground braking broadcast pioneers in a time when television was just emerging. They had scripts and a plan, but made it up as they went along…. Ad-lib Plot Drama at it’s best!

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